Monday May 29 , 2023
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Our Locations

1125 S. Beverly Drive suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 458-4867
(310) HLT - GUMS

27725 Snata Margarita Pkwy suite 270
Mission Veijo, CA 92691

About Perio Implants Arts

Why should you choose us?
When you are told that you have periodontal disease or need dental implants you want to be treated by someone who has extensive training in these fields. The same way you would want your eye or heart surgery be done by a specialist, you would rather dental surgeries be done by a specialist as well. Remember Periodontics and implant surgery is a challenging field, and you want someone with proper training treating you.

We believe that you are entitled to the highest level of knowledge and expertise about your dental condition and we always take the time to explain all your treatment options. We present you with all information about the risks and benefits of various courses of treatment and what you can realistically expect as a result. We don’t believe in “salesmanship.” You need straight answers. We are conveniently located at:

1125 S. Beverly Drive Suite 400
Los Angeles, Ca, 90035

Office phone number: (310)458-4867 - (310) HLT-GUMS
Doctor Fakheri Direct line (for true dental emergencies) : (310) 497-7560

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