Monday September 25 , 2023
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Mouth-Body Connection

In recent years there has been a lot of research that shows the relationship between periodontal health and other organs in the body.
Recent medical research has found a relationship between periodontal infection and more serious health problems such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, respiratory (lung) disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, pregnancy problems and smoking.

Heart Disease
According to the recent research by the American Academy of Periodontology(AAP) and American Heart Asssociation(AHA) there is a direct relationship between gum disease and heart conditions.  People who suffer from periodontal disease are twice at risk of having a fatal heart attack. Some case reports have shown periodontal bacteria in the clot that has caused fatal heart attack.

In the past five years there has been much research that shows the relationship between periodontitis and diabetes. This relationship is twofold. Diabetic patients are more likely to have periodontal disease than people without diabetes. Patients who successfully have their gum disease under control have shown better control in their blood sugar levels. Therefore physician recommend elimination of periodontal disease as of the steps to control diabetes and its side effects.

Pregnancy and pre-term labor
Research has show that pregnant women who suffer from periodontal disease at risk of pre-term labor 7 times more than healthy women. Even though the exact mechanism of pre-term labor is not known it is believed that inflammation in the gums releases inflammatory signals that induce labor. It is highly recommended that all women who consider pregnancy should have a periodontal examination. In pregnant women any infection should be a cause of concern because of the risk to the baby. 
During pregnancy body goes through many hormonal changes that affect gums. In additional less frequent dental visits during pregnancy puts mother at risk of periodontal disease. Therefore it is imperative that mothers should have a periodontal evaluation after pregnancy.

Respiratory (Lung) Disease
There is some evidence that patients with periodontal disease may have increased risk of respiratory infection through aspiration of periodontal bacteria.
Early Diagnosis--- The key!

Once periodontal destruction has started, it is difficult to stop or reverse the process so early diagnosis is the key to maintain the health of your mouth. Periodontal disease can be easily detected during regular periodontal examinations. We recommend an annual exam by a periodontist in addition to your routine dental exam by your general dentist.

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